Sterling silver decorated pick & Gibson guitar neck pendants and chain.


Sterling silver razor pendant & chain.
Decorated body and hanger with flipped out blade.


Sterling silver decorated Hamsa 5 pendant with sphiga chain.


Sterling silver coin pendant & chain. Black matte finish.


Sterling silver "FREEDOM" coin pendant.

Black matte finish.


Pendant weight- 6.5 gr

               Diameter- 24 mm


Sterling silver sword pendant & chain.
Named after my beloved friend who died from brain cancer.- Gal Apple.
We designed this sword together as a part of a custom work.
The sword represent the fighting spirit in the battle for life.
Profits from this sword are donated to the "חלאסרטן" charity. 


Sterling silver Dagger & Wings pendant and chain.


Sterling silver. matte black finish. RAZOR pendant with blacken "panzer" chain.

Pendant weight: 6 gr.

70 cm blacken"panzer" chain- 8 gr.


Sterling silver Tags pendant. Black silver finish.
70 cm panzer chain.

Pendant size: 29/ 15.6 mm 19.8/ 11.4 mm

              weight: 6.5 gr.


Sterling silver plate pendant.

Pendant size: 33/ 4.8 mm

              weight: 2.5 gr.


Sterling silver heavy Raven skull pendant.

In the picture 70 cm rollo chain.


Sterling silver Bull skull pendant.

Round links with black texture chain.

Pendant size- 3.3/ 3.3 cm

              weight- 17.5 gr.


Sterling silver Skull pendant. Hand made model.

Onyx stones.

70 cm "Panzer" profile chain.


Sterling silver Heart & Wings pendant with an anchor black chain.

Pendant width: 6 cm

              weight: 17 gr.


12 gr. Sterling silver Boxing glove pendant. Highly detailed.

In the picture 60 cm panzer chain.


Sterling silver LUCK pendant.

In the picture 70 cm Anchor chain.


Sterling silver Lion Head pendant.

Anchor chain.


Sterling silver Small Skull pendant.

65 cm balls chain.


Sterling silver Spoon pendant.

In the picture 70 cm panzer chain.


6.5 gr. Sterling silver anchor pendant.

In the picture 60 cm rollo chain.


Sterling silver, brushed matte finish, letter pendant & chain.


Sterling silver 18 pendant & chain. 


Sterling silver pirate pendant.

Round links chain.


Sterling silver star of david small pendant.

15.5 mm diameter.

Silver panzer chain.