Sterling silver octagon ring with eagle crest engraving.

The head is in light matte finish.

Model weight- 17gr'


Sterling silver octagon ring with lion crest engraving.
The head of the ring is with a light matte finish.


Highly detailed silver ring. The head is matte black finished.


Sterling silver old school ring. Highly detailed.


Sterling silver old school horseshoe ring.


Old school horseshoe ring with 14k yellow gold inlay.


Sterling silver royal crown ring.

Model size- 57 eur/ 8 us
            weight- 9 gr.


Vintage style lion ring with flowers engraving on the sides. 

Found this ring in flea market on one of my tours. The ring was damaged and broken but still, very cool. I repaired it, restored it and gave it a new life.

The ring is built out of two parts for a full look and smooth feel.


Model weight- 9 gr.

            size- 56


Sterling silver England's lions shield vintage style ring.

Model weight- 12.5 gr.



Sterling silver old school style ring.

Model weight- 12 gr'


Sterling silver old school style ring.

Model weight- 10 gr'


Sterling silver body. 9k yellow gold plate- matte finish.


Sterling silver old school style ring. A hand made model. One of my all time favorites.
Perfect for engraving on the head. (have it myself engraved).

Model Weight- 16.5 gr'


Sterling silver classic vintage style ring.

Weight: 13.5 gr.


Sterling silver old skool ring.

Model size- 
Model weight- 9 gr.


Sterling silver square vintage style ring with half head texture.

Model size: 55
Model weight- 11 gr.


15 gr. Sterling silver square vintage style ring with L Shaped texture

Model size: 55 eur/ 7 us
Model weight- 15 gr.


Sterling silver heavy vintage style ring with II shaped texture.

Model size- 62 eur/ 10 us, 63 eur/ 10.5 us
           weight- 17.5 gr.

Head dimension- 16/15mm


Sterling silver ring inlay ed with 9K yellow gold plate, matte finish.


Sterling silver square ring with shield shape sides.

Perfect for cutomized.

Model size: 63 eur/ 10.5 us

           weight: 11 gr.


Sterling silver flat head vintage style rectangle ring with Classic engraving on the sides.

Model size: 58 eur/ 8.5 us
Model weight- 13.5 gr.


Sterling silver classic solitaire ring with black onyx stone.


Sterling silver., Cool vintage style solitaire ring with black onyx stone.


Delicate sterling silver classic solitaire ring with black onyx stone.


Sterling silver classic square ring.

Model size- 58 eur/ 8.5 us
            weight- 8 gr.


Sterling silver staylish square ring.

Model size- 58 eur/8.5 us
            weight- 8.5 gr.


Sterling silver medium square ring.

Model weight- 10 gr.


Sterling silver MR. SMITH logo ring

Model size: 53 eur/ 6.5 us, 54 eur
Model weight- 6.5 gr.


Sterling silver vintage style ring.
Model size: 56 eur/ 7.5 us   
          weight: 6 gr.


Sterling silver oval signet ring.

Perfect for engraving


Sterling silver classic square vintage style ring with engraved stripes on the sides.

Model weight- 7 gr.


Sterling silver ring. Clean and elegant.


Sterling silver fleur de lys oval ring

Model size- 58 eur/ 8.5 us, 59 eur/ 9 us
           weight- 13 gr.


Sterling silver "KAIN" ring with onyx/ "Tiger eye" stone.


Sterling silver octagon ring with a plate. Decorated inside.


Sterling silver classic pinky ring.

Model size- 50 eur, 51 eur/ 5.5 us
            weight- 4 gr.


Sterling silver Eye shape vintage style pinky ring. Perfect for engraving.


Sterling silver rectangle ring with a 9k rose gold inlay plate.


Sterling silver decorated ring with an English penny coin. 


Model size- 61 eur/ 9.5 us

           weight- 14 gr.


This is the first model I have ever done. Round sterling silver ring with 1 Agora coin. Agora coin was used in Israel between the years 1985-1991.

Was put out of use because the manufacturing cost was higher than the coin value.


Sterling silver big statement ring.

Model weight- 14.5 gr.


Sterling silver old school rectangle ring. Grid pattern on the out and inside. Skulls on the sides.


Sterling silver oval ring. 1014 flat onyx stone.