Sterling silver decorated pick & Gibson guitar neck pendants and chain.


Sterling silver razor pendant & chain.
Decorated body and hanger with flipped out blade.


Sterling silver decorated Hamsa 5 pendant with sphiga chain.


Sterling silver pattern ring


Sterling silver decorated ring.


Sterling silver diamond pattern ring.


Sterling silver carved links bracelet. 19 mm wide. Hand made model

13 links- 20 cm/ 7.9 inch closed - 114 gr.

14 links- 21.5 cm/ 8.5 inch closed- 121 gr.

15 links- 23 cm/ 9.1 inch closed- 128 gr.

Sizes are measured from end to end of the bracelet, so if you measure your wrist circumference, recommended size would be about 3 cm more, for example, if your wrist circumference is about 18 cm, choose 21 cm.
If you like a tighter fit around your wrist, go up about 2-2.5 cm, if you like it loose, go up about 3.5-4 cm.
Any size available.


* Because the bracelets are hand made, there may be a length and weight difference up to 0.5 cm/ 0.2 inch and 3 gr.


Sterling silver decorated cuff bracelet. 10mm wide.


Sterling silver 10mm balls bracelet. Decorated endings and S shaped clasp.

Chief muscle Chief muscle
On sale!
$43.20 $48.00

Indian chief muscle shirt.
Double sided, dirty white print.

Pikok muscle Pikok muscle
On sale!
$43.20 $48.00

PIKOK muscle shirt.
Dirty white print- front & back.

00 muscle 00 muscle
On sale!
$43.20 $48.00

00 muscle shirt.

Dirty white print- front & back.


Sterling silver 8 mm wide cuban links chain. Dense links with our signature MR. SMITH clasp.

On sale!
$803.70 $893.00

Sterling silver 10 mm wide cuban links chain. Thick, dense & heavy with our signature MR. SMITH clasp.


Sterling silver motorcycle chain bracelet.

20.5 cm closed - 16 links - 77 gr.

21.5 cm closed - 17 links - 80 gr.

22.5 cm closed -18 links -  83 gr.


Sterling silver octagon signature ring.
Perfect for engraving.


Sterling silver open skulls ring.


Sterling silver 15 mm wide cuban links bracelet with 18 mm wide plate clasp.


Sterling silver cuff bracelet. 
Named after the poisonous rattle snake- "DIAMONDBACK"
10 mm wide. Diamond pattern.

On sale!
$43.20 $48.00

RIOT black T shirt.
Dirty white front print.


Sterling silver pirate sword earrings.


Sterling silver 10 mm balls chain. Decorated endings & S clasp.


9K yellow gold old school ring.


9k old school ring with engraved stripes on the sides.


9k Yellow gold, eye shape vintage style pinky ring. Perfect for engraving.


Sterling silver old school figaro links. 12mm wide.